The Austin Spay Neuter Coalition (AKA Spay Austin) is a group of individuals comprised of members from several non-profit animal welfare organizations. Our current activities include hands-on work with feral cats and the promotion of spay/neuter as the permanent solution to pet over-population in Austin and Central Texas. We do this through education, press releases, public events and outdoor advertising. Spay Austin is a 501 (c) 3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.

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P.O. Box 40165 Austin, TX 78704
It usually starts simple. A stray cat shows up in the neighborhood and a well-meaning human, or several households, begin leaving food on the porch. It’s a cat that has not been socialized so doesn’t want to be touched and won’t allow anyone to get too close. Some call that a feral cat, we like to say it’s a community cat which is part of the neighborhood and can use our help. These cats can live for years without causing problems but if not fixed the situation can get out of hand. That’s often the point when Spay Austin gets contacted. Maybe it’s late spring and a neighbor’s been feeding a female cat and now she’s given birth to kittens. All of a sudden instead of just one cat, six! And down the road there will be many more. Spay Austin has found that many folks don’t realize that these cats can be caught (in humane traps) and fixed. Sometimes they feel since these cats aren’t officially theirs, they don’t have the right to get them fixed and some folks don’t realize that these cats can be fixed free of charge.
Photo by Calene Summers
Volunteer trapper Jeanne.
A tipped kitty is a fixed kitty!
About to take the bait!