President's Message
If you are a dog or cat lover you know that Spring means puppy and Kitten season is here. There are simply not enough good homes and way too many cats and dogs being born. Public awareness to the crisis is getting more attention and old fashioned attitudes are changing but we still have a lot of work to cut the kill rate and make Austin a better place for our animal friends.  Pet overpopulation is a community wide problem and it is the community that must work together to stop the killing. The answer is to spay and neuter your pet and Austin has excellent and inexpensive resources to get the job done.

Where can you get low cost spays and neuters?
Emancipet operates stationary and mobile clinics on Austin’s East-Central side at 7201 Lavender Loop (512-587-SPAY and Animal Trustees of Austin performs surgeries at 5129 Cameron road (512-450-0111

What about all those feral cats?
Feral cats in Austin are a big contributing factor to pet overpopulation and the largest number of cats killed at the Austin Animal Center. But Austin is taking a humane and proactive approach to the problem and instead of trapping and killing these cats, they are being spayed and neutered and allowed to return and be fed by residents who were feeding them in the first place. Trap, Neuter and Return is what it is called and the Austin Humane Society is playing a key role in this life saving venture. Twice a week AHS holds clinics to spay and neuter large numbers of feral cats at no cost to the public. Austin Humane Society is located on 124 W. Anderson Lane (512-968-7131). 

As we approach the 2016 puppy/kitten season in Austin, which lasts from now through the summer and into the warm months of fall, let us spread the word to neighbors, co-workers and relatives. Tell them that it is not ok to be a part of the problem and let your pets breed. Help someone to spay or neuter their animal and certainly make sure your own pet is fixed.


Julia Hilder

President's Message
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